Heart rate analysis for swimming

Heart rate analysis for swimming

The wait is finally over. Moov Swim now comes with heart rate analysis, for you swim data enthusiasts out there!

Moov Now™ Runs With You, When Your Friends Can’t

The most important thing when you start running is to find a safe routine that feels comfortable. Running is all about refining your technique so you can run easier and build confidence along the way. Whether you’re on a track, a treadmill, or out there on a trail, Moov Now™ teaches you how to run further and easier.

Run Technique Coaching

Proper running technique is actually a lot more complicated than it looks. Just ask your friend. No seriously, don’t do that. You have to factor in the total number of steps you take per minute (cadence), your posture, how your foot strikes the ground, and even how you swing your arms. Correct cadence helps you run efficiently. Maintaining a good posture while you run puts less strain on your back and softens the impact on your foot, reducing the likelihood of knee injury, shin splints or other leg related tendonitis. And arm swing helps you burn less energy and significantly reduces shoulder and pelvis rotation. Thankfully, Moov Now’s advanced sensor tracks your movement, while you run, and provides real-time feedback, so you can immediately make changes to help improve your technique. With targeted cues such as, “Your impact is too high, land softer” and “Swing your arms faster”, you can make the necessary form adjustments for an easier, pain free run. Measuring and improving these metrics, will help you maximize your performance and give you the edge when you decide to tackle that race.  

Run Faster For Longer

Moov Now’s running programs have names and descriptions that are easy to understand so you can quickly select the workout that fits your goals. For example our “Speed Endurance” program will teach you how to improve your pace and distance. Maintaining a steady pace helps utilize your energy efficiently. For longer distances, runners tend to stay at an aerobic pace so that their muscles continue to receive adequate oxygen throughout the workout. By strategically pacing your short intervals and incorporating timed recovery periods, Moov Now™ will help you to increase your stamina, build lean muscle, and set new personal records. Just strap your Moov Now™ to your ankle, log into the app, pick your focus, and get going.

With your new found confidence and Moov Coach, you’ll be able to take on that next run in no time. Be sure to tag us with #getmoov.     


Start Running with Moov Now™

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to step outdoors and breathe some fresh air into your fitness routine. Running and walking are great ways to get started, and also shed some pounds along the way. Not sure how to start? Leave that to Moov™! Just connect your Moov Now™, plug in your headphones, and let the Moov™ Run & Walk programs coach you. Because let’s face it, your friends can’t correct your form as you run, and your personal trainer doesn’t actually run with you.


Moov™ Run & Walk Program

Moov’s Run & Walk programs help guide you through a safe and efficient cardio workout. Moov Now’s advanced 3D motion sensor technology tracks your movement, while you run or walk. It gives you live feedback, based on your movement, to help improve your form, so you can catch injury causing habits early on and fix them. Moov Now™ can track when you’re hitting the ground too hard, and coach you to “Be lighter on your feet”. This can help prevent knee and ankle injuries as you adjust to your new routine. You’ll also hear feedback and coaching, such as “Shoulders back” or “Don’t clench your fists”, to ensure that you maintain a good posture. Making these small adjustments can help you run farther and easier over time.

In the words of a current Moov™ user: 

“The MOOV Now coach helped me to change how I run so it doesn't hurt as much and I can run further distances and for way more time than I have ever before in my life.”

Not quite ready to start running?

Moov™ Run & Walk has “Brisk Walking” workouts to get you moving in the right direction and building your plan. It breaks down your cardio workouts, so you can get started and gradually improve. Just strap your Moov Now™ to your ankle, log into the app, and get going. Start out slower to focus on form and kick things up to a longer workout when you’re ready. Moov™ also makes recommendations on training levels, based on your performance, to help you improve on your previous bests. With these easy to follow workouts, Moov™ takes away all the stress of planning, so that you can focus on you.


Moov Now™ is your personal coach and he’s on 24/7, 365. Up to six months without a charge or nap too! Moov™ provides you with all the tools to help you run properly and keeps you motivated and learning. Moov Now™ is truly an advanced device that evolves with you and challenges you to become a better version of yourself.  

New Moov HR™ Workouts Available Today

Today, we are excited to announce three new Moov HR™ workouts to our current selection. 

We designed these with your feedback and suggestions in mind, to provide you the best workout experience with Moov™. From phone free workouts, custom heart rate zones on your favorite activity, to HIIT indoor cycling, we have you covered! 

These programs are available for iOS users and will be launched on Android very soon.


Open HR Training

With the Open HR Training program, you can track your heart rate during your favorite workout and get real-time audio heart rate updates. 

Or get total control of your workout, select a custom target heart rate zone, and Moov will push you to stay within that zone. 

Great for Elliptical, Indoor Rowing, Stair Climber, and Cycling.

This program is available with Moov HR Sweat™ and Moov HR Burn™.


HR Recording

Don’t want to carry your phone with you on your next workout? Using the new HR Recording program, the Moov HR Sweat™ sensor records up to 2 hours of heart rate data, so that you can go about your workout phone-free. 

Great for Hiking, Outdoor Running, Crossfit, Weight Training, and Group Classes. 

This program is available only with Moov HR Sweat™.


HIIT Indoor Cycling

Get out of your saddle and start hammering with our new High-Intensity Interval Training Indoor Cycling workout!

This low-impact, high-intensity workout, is designed for an indoor bike. Moov’s audio coaching will guide you to stay in the optimal HIIT training zones so that you can get your heart pumping and legs spinning. 


IMPORTANT - Firmware update

We are constantly working on improving your workout experience with Moov. This includes optimizing the Moov technology and heart rate tracking accuracy. In the coming days, you will need to update the firmware on your Moov HR Sweat™. Please follow the instructions in the app, and allow 15 minutes to complete the update.


Enjoy these new programs, and share your workout experiences with us by tagging us on social media using @getmoov, #getmoov, #moovhr. 

Moov’s Swim Metrics Will Help You Beat Your Personal Best

When the alarm goes off in the morning, we pull ourselves out of bed because we know our hard work now will pay off in the future. Our internal motivation drives us to wake up early and jump into a cold pool, trusting that through this pursuit of perfection comes progress. Just mind, body, and the pool. Discipline. Commitment. Grit. This is what it means to be a swimmer. But only through perfect practice can we truly progress. And with Moov Now’s advanced metrics, measuring your progress can mean all the difference.


Measuring Efficiency

Moov Now™ automatically tracks stroke rate and distance per stroke (DPS) to measure how efficient you are in the water. Both, Stroke Rate and DPS, are great metrics to track whether you are a sprint or endurance swimmer. Sprint swimmers tend to have a higher stroke rate, whereas endurance swimmers tend to have a higher distance per stroke. It is important to find a good balance between these two components, to help make you more efficient in the water. Most swimmers work on getting a good DPS and then optimize their stroke rate. After each workout, Moov Now™ will provide you with those metrics, so you can continue to push your specific training to the next level. 


Focus on your swim, not on your tracker

We, at Moov™, want to create the most accurate swimming experience. Moov Now™ will automatically detect all four types of swim strokes, laps, turns, and rest periods, so you can focus on your swim. The ability to dive into your data is gold. Having a full breakdown of your laps will not only help you understand how you performed, but also help you understand where you can improve.


Moov Now™ Swim tracker has been designed for swimmers, by swimmers. It is recommended by the best and gives you the tools to push yourselves to new limits. Depending on your personal goals, be they sprint swimming or endurance swimming, knowing these metrics allows you to train optimally and efficiently. Shed some light on your swim and beat your personal best with Moov Now™ Swim Tracker. 

How Moov Now will Make You a Better Swimmer

Like the old saying goes, "They say you can go three days without water and still survive. Clearly, they’ve never met a swimmer." We here at Moov are no strangers to water. With two in-house Ironman triathletes and one Olympian swimmer, we’ve spent our share of time in the water. The early mornings, the cold water, we trust that through this practice comes progress. And while swimming has all the benefits of an aerobic workout with minimal impact on your joints, it’s hard to keep manual count of all that data to measure progress in the water. Until Moov Now.

Swimming Metrics that Matter

Using 3D motion sensor technology, Moov Now tracks your movement in the water and tracks laps, distance, time, speed, swimming style, stroke count, and much more. Dive deep into the performance of your swim with a breakdown of individual lengths, telling you how many strokes you pulled, how long it took, your turn times, any breaks or pauses you made, and what stroke you were swimming. It also analyzes your pace and efficiency plus your overall calories burned.

Motivation through Progress

With enough metrics to track your performance and see your progress, you’ll know where and how to improve and be challenged to beat your personal best each time. One such metric is continuous swim. A useful statistic for beginner swimmers and those training for open water races, this metric measures how far you swam without a break. Improving your continuous swim distance is a great test of endurance and an easy marker to determine your progress while training.

Coached by the Pros

Once you’ve downloaded your workout report, you’ll see several metrics for how to improve your form. For example: “Try not to splash as you begin your stroke. Enter with your fingers first to be more streamlined and efficient”. These small improvements, over time, will make you a better swimmer.

Whether you’re looking to improve your lap time, train for a triathlon, or just view swimming as a way of life, Moov Now’s complete swim tracking experience will help you become more efficient in the water.  

5 Reasons Why HIIT is Easy with Moov HR

As much as we here at Moov like to exercise, we don’t always have time for it. Carving out that hour and a half block before or after work, sometimes just isn’t doable. Thankfully, there’s a great way to burn fat, build muscle, and cut down on exercise time, while still reaping the same benefits of that hour long session. That’s where HIIT comes in.

What Exactly is HIIT Anyway?

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It’s a form of intense, cardiovascular exercise where you exert yourself as hard as you can until exhaustion kicks in. The goal is to jumpstart your metabolism to burn calories even after your workout is over.

Here is where working out with Moov will get you better results, faster:


blog 1.jpg

1) Our HIIT Workouts are 30 minutes or Less

Efficiency is the name of the game. You’ll get greater results in half the time of a low-intensity longer workout. And each of our pre-programmed workouts have been designed to get the most out of each session, every time.


2) No Equipment Needed

In addition to being time efficient, and full body focused, we’ve taken the need for expensive gym equipment off the table. With the ability to choose from several levels of difficulty, you can get straight to the right workout for you and get the best results. All you need is your own bodyweight as resistance.


3) Anytime, Anywhere

Our convenient app lets you take the gym with you. Start your workout on your time, during your lunch break, or while the kids are napping, without having to schedule a session with a trainer or travel across town for a group class at the gym.


4) Guidance, Coaching & Motivation



Our in-app AI coaching has a tough personality and will push you to the HIIT zone. Expect to hear live feedback during your workouts like, “Let’s crush this round” or “Time to push it,” to ensure you push to the right heart rate intensity zone at the right time. Having that extra push will help you take your workouts to the next level.


5) Train at the Right Intensity

Scientific-backed research has determined that certain “zones” are ideal for HIIT training. Moov HR quantifies intensity into 5 zones based on your max heart rate and how hard you are pushing. Maximum results are all about being in the right zone at the right time. Moov-HR’s heart rate tracking measures your intensity with unmatched accuracy, ensuring you push in and out of the HIIT zones to get the results you want.


Not sure where to start with HIIT? We’ve got you covered with Moov HR

Moov makes it easy to work out on your schedule. With each workout, you’ll be able to focus on results instead of the clock. Just open the app, sync your device, and get moving just in time for summer.

Announcing the Moov Referral Program

We are pleased to announce our new referral program. From now on, you will be able to receive $5 for each and every Moov purchase your friends make.

Joining this new program is easy! Simply click the button below to sign up, get your new exclusive link and start sharing!

Once a friend makes a purchase, you will be notified via email so you can set up your account and receive your money! You'll need a PayPal account in order to be paid. If you don't have one, click here to sign up. 

Check Out Our New Features, Join the Beta!

Join Beta - Cycle.png

Check Out The New Moov Workouts

Are you ready for new features? Join the Beta to test out our newest heart rate training programs. 

There are 3 new programs on the horizon for the Moov Fitness Coach app: HIIT Indoor Cycling and two custom heart rate workout programs. As a Moov beta tester, you will have the opportunity to test our newest content before it is released and help us improve your workouts by providing feedback to our development team.

To be one of our iOS beta app testers, you must:

  • Own an iOS 10 device
  • Own a Bluetooth heart rate monitor (We do not currently support ANT+)
  • Be ready to provide feedback after your heart rate workouts.
  • Own a Moov HR Sweat™ (optional -  required testing Moov HR Sweat™ exclusive content)

If you are interested in volunteering for this unique opportunity, please click to apply.

HIIT Indoor Cycle.jpg

Introducing Moov HR Burn™

Moov HR Burn™ brings the intensity of Moov™ HIIT coaching to you in the familiar and discreet form factor of a chest strap.

Because fitness is personal, we want to give our customers a choice. The all new Moov HR Burn™ takes the standard chest strap and advances it to keep it in place and worry-free, while you concentrate on staying in the zone and maximizing your results.

Moov HR Burn™ is designed to work perfectly with the 6 new high-intensity workouts recently released in the Moov Coach 4 update.

Make Every Workout Count!

Moov Coach Version 4

Now Available on iOS and Android

Over the past few months, we have been hard at work creating new high intensity workouts and heart rate sensors that guarantee accuracy even in the most intense workout conditions. The first 6 Moov™ HIIT workouts are ready and waiting for you to enjoy before Moov HR Sweat™ begins shipping next week. Moov Coach is ready to help push your limits and version 4 is now available to all iOS users and Android beta users.

6 New Workouts  4 new high-intensity body-weight circuit workouts and 2 new high-intensity running workouts

6 New Workouts
4 new high-intensity body-weight circuit workouts and 2 new high-intensity running workouts

New Program Overview  Preview your workout with examples of movements and interval details.

New Program Overview
Preview your workout with examples of movements and interval details.

New Live Screens   Know exactly how you are performing during your workout and know what you need to do to get the most benefit.

New Live Screens
Know exactly how you are performing during your workout and know what you need to do to get the most benefit.

New Workout Report  Shows you exactly how you did and track every moment of your workout.

New Workout Report
Shows you exactly how you did and track every moment of your workout.

This is just a sample of what we've added.
To learn more, download Moov Coach Version 4 now!


Sports Wearable of the Year!

We are excited to tell you that the Moov Now™ has received the Sports Wearable of the Year award for 2016 at the Wareable Tech Awards. To win this award Moov Now™ beat wearables from companies like Garmin and Polar. This is in no small part due to Moov's personalized AI coaching that is the best for getting you into shape. We look forward to bringing our community more of the incredible workouts with Moov HR™. From everyone on the Moov Team, we thank you for helping us earn this incredible recognition.

Ever since we released our first running efficiency program in 2014, we have continued to give more to our community. Today Moov has 10 programs, including outdoor cycling and cardio boxing to keep your workout routine interesting. With every new workout, there is less chance of you getting bored with your workouts and your Moov™ continues to grow as the most valuable tool in your training bag. As we continue to develop revolutionary workout programs for the Moov Personal Coach app, we are delighted to give you a glimpse of our newest programs.

Introducing Moov HR™

We would like to thank you all for your support. Today we are excited to announce the newest member of our family: Moov HR™.

Moov HR™ is the first heart rate wearable with unmatched accuracy developed to guide you through various calorie-torchinghigh-intensity workouts to help you stay in shape. 

Together with Moov HR™, we are also releasing new workouts with real-time coaching and guidance based on your heart rate to provide you with the most effective workout experience. 

Reserve Moov HR™ for $99.95 before we sell out!


Join the Beta: Indoor Cycling

Hello Moovers, 

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Moov has partnered with MapMyFitness and Strava!

What does this mean for you? You'll now be able to add your Moov workouts to your MapMyFitness regiment and be able to go on a Strava ride or run with some added coaching. 

Wait there's more, Indoor Cycling is now available too! Whether you're cycling in your living room or with others in a class, Moov Cycling will be there with you, tracking your ride, calories burned, and more.

If you are an iOS user and want to be one of the first to use these features, click below to apply (Android is coming soon). 
This beta test has ended, Thank you all for all of your hard testing!

Join the Beta: Compete with Friends!

Hello Moovers,

You’re invited you to apply to be one of the first to try Moov’s newest features! We’ve been working hard to bring you Leaderboard to compete with friends, and a new improved design to Daily Activity + Sleep Tracking. After dozens of iterations, lots of testing, and some heated competition here in the Moov office, we’re ready to hear what you think!

This time, we have some requirements for our beta testers:

  • iOS users only (don’t worry, Android will be released at the same time)
  • Testers must have 1 or more friends or family members to compete with on Leaderboard

If you fit these requirements, please apply to join our beta below. It will only take a moment!

This beta has ended. Thanks for all of your help! We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on.

You and Red Dot have great taste!

Hello Moovers,

MOOV NOW™ has been awarded The Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016! 

The Red Dot Award is a highly sought after seal whose winners have been recognized internationally for outstanding design quality.  It’s one of the largest design competitions in the world that chooses winners based on strict requirements ranging from functionality, degree of innovation, durability, ecological compatibility and more!

With their performances, the Red Dot winners not only demonstrated an extraordinary design quality, but they also showed that design is an integral part of innovative product solutions.
— Dr. Peter Zec, founder and president of the Red Dot Award

Share your workout photo!
You can share your workouts with your friends and family. Upload any photo to your activity report or choose from our preset options and post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us @GetMoov!

Eat dark chocolate to improve your endurance.
A substance found in cocoa called epicatechin helps relax your blood vessels so blood can flow through easier. It also improves cardiac function and oxygen transport, which can keep you feeling strong on that long run. 



Workout Recovery

Hello Moovers, 

Last week we caught you up on updates we’ve made to the Moov app. This week’s update brings another new feature. 

Workout Recovery
It happens. Sometimes you forget to charge your phone before you go for a run and the battery dies. You shouldn’t have to lose your workout because of it! Just reopen the app and Moov will let you know a workout has been found. 

Workout recovery for Moov Cycling & Running is available on the current iOS app and on the latest Android app update. Get it now in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! 

Stay tuned to see what’s next!

The results are in...Moov is a winner!

Hello Moovers, 

Awards season has come and gone. Leo won an Oscar, stars were dressed to impress and the red carpet was a buzz. But actors and actresses weren’t the only ones winning. Your favorite wearable fitness coach did, too! 

MOOV NOW™ was chosen as a winner of an iF Design Award in product design out of 5,000 entries judged by 58 experts of design. The iF Award has been recognized for the last 60 years as a label for excellence in design. We are honored to be selected and join the ranks of Adidas, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Nikon and more with this renowned label. We’ve also been recognized by the following:

Thanks again for all your support, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without you

Thanks again for all your support, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without you.

New App Updates!

Hello Moovers, 

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We’re continuously rolling out updates to make your workouts more seamless. Check out what we’ve been working on!

Name your Moov
Do you have multiple Moovs in your house? Stop the mix-ups! When your Moov appears on the connection screen, click the settings button to the right and give your Moov a name.

Edit distance
For days you’re running on the treadmill or without GPS, a pop-up at the end of your workout will let you set your distance. If you accidentally choose the the wrong distance, no worries! You can edit it by going to your activity report and clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner. 

Improve Android Bluetooth Connection
Did you know you can improve your connection in one easy step? Check out the “help?” button on the connection screen, then choose “Optimize Connection”.

Stay tuned to see what’s coming next!

We are hiring

Hello Moovers,

Are you or someone you know passionate about helping people live healthier lives with thoughtful & motivational design, cutting-edge technology, and science-backed, result-driven fitness expertise? 

Our headquarters in Burlingame, CA is looking for top notch designers, content creators, community builders, marketers, customer experience agents and more to join our team in revolutionizing fitness.

Team Moov has brought the unique wearable personal coaching experience to people in over 93 countries and now Moov is sold in Apple Stores all over the world. In the last two years, we’ve launched two generations of Moov and hundreds of updates of the mobile apps to guide people in 5 sports and provide personalized coaching and data to help them dominate their fitness goals faster than ever. 

Come join the Moovment!

Cardio Boxing has come to Android!

Hello Moovers,

You’re invited you to apply to be one of the first to try Moov’s newest features! We’ve been working hard to bring you Leaderboard to compete with friends, and a new improved design to Daily Activity + Sleep Tracking. After dozens of iterations, lots of testing, and some heated competition here in the Moov office, we’re ready to hear what you think!

This time, we have some requirements for our beta testers:

  • iOS users only (don’t worry, Android will be released at the same time)
  • Testers must have 1 or more friends or family members to compete with on Leaderboard

If you fit these requirements, please apply to join our beta below. It will only take a moment!

This beta has ended, Thanks for all of your help! We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on.

After months of work, countless device combinations, and plenty of sweat (literally) we’re excited to announce that Cardio Boxing is finally here for Android. Your iPhone friends may have had it for a (long) while now, but we think this workout was worth the wait.

We listened to a LOT of feedback while working on the Android version of Cardio Boxing, and revisited many of the workout’s details to make sure we got it right. We’ve refined the look and feel of the interface to make elements bigger and easier to see while you’re throwing punches.

We’ve enabled more control over the workout. With the ability to start the next round immediately, you’ll be able to work out faster, find the round you want quicker, and sweat harder than ever.

We also spent time to make sure that the live workout looks great on a lot of devices. With so many screen sizes on Android, it was important to design something that looks great on them all. The result of that is a workout experience that goes from small to large with ease, keeping things easy to see at 4 inches and still fully immersive at 10 inches.

Whether you’re a living room warrior or a champion boxer, Moov Cardio Boxing was designed to challenge you physically and mentally, all while providing an addictively-fun workout.

Get the update, out now on Google Play.


Get Moov at Apple Stores in time for Christmas!

Did Christmas sneak up on you? Or maybe you forgot a gift for your cousin who is now coming to Christmas dinner?

It’s not too late! Run down to your local Apple Store to get MOOV NOW™ and give the gift of on-demand personal coaching. 

Get Started!

Hello Moovers,

Your MOOV NOW™ is coming soon (if you haven’t gotten it already). Here’s a few tips and tricks to get you started!

Get the all-in-one app
The app works great with Moov Classic, too! Be sure to update your app regularly. We frequently add new updates.

Your Friends at Moov

MOOV NOW™ has started shipping!

Hello Moovers,

The time has come! MOOV NOW™ has started shipping! We are so grateful for all of you who have been with us from the beginning and can’t wait for you to be the first to get MOOV NOW™!

What to Expect
The earliest orders are shipping out first, but all pre-orders will be shipped within the next 3 weeks.

Domestic: You will receive a USPS tracking number within 24 hours of your order shipping. Shipping takes 1-4 business days.

International: We will send you a Singapore Post tracking number within 24 hours of your order shipping. Your order will make it to you within 7-22 business days. Shipments may be screened by your country’s customs agency, which may cause delays.

Looking to place a corporate order? Get in touch with us before the price goes up by sending us an email to partnerships@moov.cc.


WSJD Live: Your Feedback is Important to Us

This week, Moov Co-founder and CEO, Meng Li attended a conference hosted by The Wall Street Journal, WSJD Live. It can at times be difficult to get feedback from people outside of the Silicon Valley tech bubble, so she took her time in LA as an opportunity to test some everyday users of all different ages, professions, and backgrounds. Below you can find some profiles on some new fans who helped improve Moov this week.

Tyra Banks: Supermodel, Host of America's Next Top Model

Tyra Banks: Supermodel, Host of America's Next Top Model

Mark Cuban: Owner of the Dallas Maverick's, "Shark" Investor on Shark Tank

Mark Cuban: Owner of the Dallas Maverick's, "Shark" Investor on Shark Tank

Rupert Murdoch: Chairman and CEO of News Corp., parent company of The Wall Street Journal

Rupert Murdoch: Chairman and CEO of News Corp., parent company of The Wall Street Journal

A big thanks to everyone at WSJD Live this week for your input!

MOOV NOW™ Available in India!

Hello Moovers!

We’re excited to share that MOOV NOW™ will be available globally in retail stores! The first location we’re happy to announce is India. Starting in November, Moovers in India will be able to purchase MOOV NOW™ in Maple stores. Stay tuned for other locations! 

Update on the MOOV NOW™ Shipping Process

Hello Moovers,

The last few weeks have been filled with endless hours of working out to test the new MOOV NOW™ and we’ve cycled through hundreds of updates to the new app. The new all-in-one Moov app will be released at the end of this month for both Android and iOS when MOOV NOW™ starts shipping!

Shipping starts at the end of October!
We’re happy to say that everything is on track and the earliest pre-order will ship at the end of October.

We are in the final stages of manufacturing and preparing to ship MOOV NOW™ from our factory to our warehouses. Once the first batches are received by our warehouses, we will begin shipping to you! You will receive a tracking number once your order has shipped from our warehouse. All pre-orders will be shipped within the first 3 weeks of November.

We will send another email when we have begun shipping to let you know to keep an eye out for your tracking number.

Make sure your order is complete! If you ordered before September 20th you should have received an email from us requesting your address and color selection. Search "MOOV support" in your email if you are having trouble finding it. If you ordered after September 20th, expect to receive this email within 3 weeks of placing your order. Once you fill out this form, your order will be complete.

Your whole day in one place

With the new Moov app you can find all your Moov workouts in one location, as well as your daily activity. Your activity is plotted with your Moov workouts and sleep to paint a full picture of your day. Whether you’re using Moov's Brisk Walking program or walking briskly to lunch, increasing your strength with the 7 Minute+ body weight workout or carrying the weight of your kids, Moov will track all that you do.

Daily activity tracking is compatible with both MOOV NOW™ and Moov Classic.

Fit for your Fit Life

A waterproof seal means MOOV NOW™ stands up to dirt and sweat to accompany you in the shower or during your swim. The band was designed with you in mind. Its breathable, sleek form makes it so light you’ll think it’s a part of you, whether you’re dripping sweat running sprints or presenting at work. High grade silicone makes the band strong and flexible and as tough as you are.

Say Hello to MOOV NOW™

Thanks to your support over the last year, we are proud to announce the next generation of Moov, your personal fitness coach.  

MOOV NOW™ is smaller, sleeker, has a 6-month battery life, and comes in new colors: Aqua Blue, Fusion Red, Blizzard White and Stealth Black.

Along with MOOV NOW™ we’re releasing a brand new app for everyone that includes all 5 sports we have today, plus daily activity and sleep tracking, social competitions, and more to make Moov the best fitness coach.

Moov and Apple Healthkit

Total workouts, active calories, distance and more data from your favorite Moov Apps can now be automatically added and viewed in the Apple Healthkit app on your iOS device.

Third party apps can also read the unique data that Moov provides to Apple Health. 

Heart Rate Monitor Support

You asked for it, so we’ve added it! Heart rate monitor support to Moov Run & Walk is now available for iOS. Connect your favorite Bluetooth heart monitor to your phone to get real-time data during your run and a full breakdown for after.

Swim is Back and Better Than Ever

For both Android and iOS Moov Swim is now complete with the features you requested most! Automatic Stroke Recognition, Interval Breakdown, and improved accuracy for the richest data you can get from a consumer swimming device.

Automatic Stroke Recognition
The beauty is in the details and the details are in the strokes. Moov artificial intelligence is now capable of recognizing the stroke you are swimming. In order to build an engine capable of identifying your exact movements, we collected and analyzed millions of data points. We gathered data from top tier athletes to capture their form and translate it into a powerful stroke recognition engine.

Interval Breakdown
By Moov's smart lap breakdown, you can see what you swam and compare to your workout plan. Moov Swim breaks down your laps into intervals based on stroke style, capturing the distance and time for each group. Understanding these laps and groupings will help you swim more effectively for each workout.

Moov Cycling

Here at Moov we wanted to create a cycling app that would give more people access to professional quality data. Moov Cycling is the perfect companion for cyclists of all experience levels. This app gives actionable tips for improvement to help a beginner learn to shift gears or produce a highly detailed report of each ride for experts.

Your bike computer: Mount your phone to your handlebars to see your speed, distance, cadence, route and more.

As you ride
Coach Moov will tell you when to shift gears based on the terrain you’re riding. That way you can ride farther and faster with the same energy. Audio updates let you know how you’re doing so you don't have to look down.

Get More
Moov analyzes your ride to give you useful, easy to understand data. Your Activity Report gives route detail, tallest climb, cadence, speed, distance, calories and more! See you route on a map with split times and details.

Optimize the Moov Apps

7 Day Dashboard
The World Health Organization recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. With the 7 Day Dashboard you can see the time you’ve spent working out during week across all the Moov apps and see you how close you are to meeting that goal!

See Progress
Look at how much you’ve improved! The Run & Walk profile page is complete with progress graphs showing how your distance, pace and cadence has improved over time.

Reduced Coaching
Sometimes we just need some peace and quiet. That’s why we added a reduced coaching option! Letting you have runs and walks that keep you updated on whether you are reaching your goals, but gives you fewer updates and less form feedback.

Part of the beauty of Moov is the diversity of sports and activities it offers. Make sure you check out the Discover page which reminds you to bring variety to your workout and keeps you up to date with other Moov apps.

Moov at Work

We teamed up with Do It Best Corp to get their staff Mooving! By sparking friendly competition in the office, Moov helped many members get involved in workouts and get back on track towards a healthier and happier lifestyle!

We’ve started some friendly competition to see who can achieve the highest level! It’s great to be able to push each other, especially when you typically don’t have anyone to workout with!
— Trishna Fuller

Open Training for iOS

Go run with the Open Training program in Moov Run & Walk for iOS! It allows you to run without interval guidance while still receiving helpful tips on your form, cadence, pace and more from Moov. Once you finished working out, check your training summary to see your metrics and gain insight for your next run!

Also here’s a reminder to update your Moov Run & Walk App! For both Android and iOS you now have the option to skip the warmup, pause the workout and opt for reduced coaching.

Who is Coach Moov?

Coach Moov is your training partner, your best friend, and your worst enemy (trust us, she's pushing you for your own good!).

Tough, experienced, and smart, Moov has your back. By monitoring your form in real time, Moov gives you audio coaching tips to enhance your workout! Coaching tips range from how to keep up your pace to managing your impact and perfecting your stride. Moov helps keep you injury free while also checking to make sure you aren't cheating!

Moov's programs are designed to create the most effective workout possible, just like a real coach. By alternating quick bursts of activity with fixed periods of rest, Moov's coaching optimizes your workout to burn fat and get you in shape faster!

Android Updates: 7 Minute+ Workout and Run & Walk

Moov 7 Minute+ Workout joins our Android suite of Moov apps! Android athletes can now burn tons of calories in short amounts of time with 7 Minute+ Workout for Android. 

We've also updated Moov Run & Walk for Android with some new key features! Athletes can now:

  • Skip the warm up
  • Pause the workout
  • Opt for reduced coaching

Thanks to all Moov Athletes for constantly providing feedback. Stay tuned for more updates, and keep Moov-ing!

Moov 7 Minute+ Workout: More results in less time!

Visit the Moov 7 Minute+ Workout website!

Not enough time in a day to workout? Get a workout in as little as 7 minutes with Moov 7 Minute+ Workout! Instructional coaching and a structured exercise plan guide you to complete a total body workout while maintaining proper form. Moov 7 Minute+ is the only program that counts your reps for you so you can stay focused on your form.

Moov 7 Minute+ workouts are based on the viral 7 minute workout published in the American College of Sports Medicine Journal and popularized on NYTimes.com. Research suggests that health benefits comparable to those of a long run can be achieved in just a few minutes of high intensity exercise!

2015: Let's Celebrate You!

If your resolution is to be healthier, stronger, and faster in 2015, look no further! Coach Moov will push you to improve your performance and motivate you to achieve your goals.

While you make every move count, Moov motivates and pushes you to new levels. As your body gets used to a consistent workout, it burns fewer calories. Varying your workouts with Moov’s training programs will prevent plateaus while keeping your mind and body stimulated!

Moov Run & Walk Lands on Android!

Our most popular app lands on Android! Moov Run & Walk incorporates 4 different programs to meet the needs of runners and walkers. Each program utilizes interval training to help burn more calories and get you running faster and further! Coach Moov will help you increase your cadence, keep your joints safe, and ensure that you're getting a complete workout.

Dive In with Moov Swim!

Visit the Moov Swim website!

Get even more use out of your Moov with the first app of its kind to break down your swim and provide actionable tips for improvement. Did you know that the aerobic benefits of swimming one mile are equal to those of running four miles? Moov automatically measures your lap time, flip turn time, resting time, and pace.

Moov Cardio Boxing a Hit!

Visit the Moov Cardio Boxing website!

Since the release of Moov Cardio Boxing in September, we've received raving reviews and great feedback from you all! Here are a couple things users had to say:

We've Started Shipping!

Since introducing Moov to the world 5 months ago, we have been humbled and inspired by so many of you who share our vision. Together, we reached our crowd funding goal in under 90 minutes, sold out our summer batch shortly after, and started a new moov-ment to change the way we stay fit, healthy, and happy. 

We’ve been working hard on the Moov device and Moov apps for a variety of sports and are extremely proud to announce that we have officially started shipping the first wave of Moov devices. As a crowd-funded company, we can’t wait to get Moov into our backers’ hands and hear your feedback! 

Improving the Moov Experience

Dear Moovers,

Yes! New prototypes, new iterations, new testing - all solid progress for the past 2 weeks. In the last update we gave you a sneak preview of how Moov is crafted. Today we are excited to share with you more on how we have been thinking through and perfecting Moov’s design details. 

Secure, Comfortable, Fit
Here at the Moov Pad in California, we run, we swim, we moov. We know a great wearable fitness device must be secure and comfortable during physical activity. 

#1 - High Intensity Cardio Shadow Boxing 

The DNA of Moov is: the ultimate integration of hardware, software (apps) and design. Speaking of apps, we’d like to show you some behind-the-scenes works of our cardio boxing app.

With Moov, you don’t have to punch each other to get all the benefits of boxing - burn calories, reduce fat, gain lean muscle, and learn professional boxing choreography while having fun.

Our gamified cardio shadow boxing sessions will make you break a sweat while improving your boxing skills. With Moov and your mobile device, you can do these sessions anywhere. Strap on Moov, open the recommended cardio boxing sessions, and start following the program by throwing some punches.

Talk soon - we’ve got to get back to work, backers!


Production On Schedule!

As our early supporters you get an exclusive first peek at our product updates. See the pictures of Moov’s latest iteration - we couldn’t wait to share them with you, our backers and supporters.

Production is On Schedule
If you got in during the first pre-order batch for Summer, your Moov will be shipping in late July. For backers that joined in the second, Fall batch, your Moov will be shipping in October. Didn’t choose your colors yet? If you haven’t chosen a color yet, please choose the color for your Moov device(s) by May 17th, 2014.Keep Sharing 

Remember, you earn $5 for each friend that pre-orders via your unique referral link. (Found in email “Backer Update #4) The more you share, the more you stand the chance of earning a free Moov!

Over $1 Million In 15 Days!

Hello Moovers!

While we celebrate spring and all the exciting fun we have outdoors, we have more good news to share with you:

Ice or Black: Choose your Moov color
The time has come to choose your Moov color. Here are the latest pictures of our current prototypes. Take some time to think about which color you’re going to choose — we will be sending you a separate email this week.

What about your shipping address? Not to worry, we will ask for that much closer to the shipping date to make sure we send your Moov to the right address.

Moov passes $1 million
We are thrilled to announce that Moov has become the most successful fitness crowdfunding campaign to date. We reached our funding goal in the first 90 minutes, and hit $1 million in sales in just 15 days.

Team Moov did it because of you! You, our backers, have turned Moov into a worldwide phenomenon.

Keep Sharing
Over 600 people have received cash rewards from Moov. You earn $5 for each friend that pre-orders via your unique referral link. Email, tweet, or post your referral link, which you can find in your email “moov backer update #3”!

Alright, that’s it for now, folks. We’ll keep you updated on our progress so watch out for the next backer update!

Thank you!

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Pair Your Moov!

*The prices and special upgrades mentioned in this backer update are no longer available.Thanks to our awesome backers, the summer batch was sold out on March 14th, 2014.*

It’s been 11 days since we launched Moov on February 27. We have seen tremendous success thus far, and we thank you for all of your support! We have some updates this week that we’d like to share with you.

First batch of pre-orders is ending soon.

We have been receiving many requests from you, our loyal backers, to upgrade your pre-orders from a single Moov to a pair, so you can wear a pair to enjoy the extra features when you want to or give Moov to your family and friends to compete, compare and stay fit together. It’s now easier than ever to upgrade your pre-orders, with our newly built web portal. Simply add $40 to get your second Moov.

You ask, we listen. Check out our updated FAQ.
Answering your questions and concerns is very important to us, and we’re doing our best to individually answer everyone. In the meantime, we’ve updated our FAQ with the most commonly asked questions and answers. Please browse through it while we respond to your emails as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.

We are in for exciting times, Moovers. Thanks again for your remarkable support. We invite you to stay connected and get updates from Team Moov.


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