Improving the Moov Experience

Dear Moovers,

Yes! New prototypes, new iterations, new testing - all solid progress for the past 2 weeks. In the last update we gave you a sneak preview of how Moov is crafted. Today we are excited to share with you more on how we have been thinking through and perfecting Moov’s design details. 

Secure, Comfortable, Fit
Here at the Moov Pad in California, we run, we swim, we moov. We know a great wearable fitness device must be secure and comfortable during physical activity. 

#1 - High Intensity Cardio Shadow Boxing 

The DNA of Moov is: the ultimate integration of hardware, software (apps) and design. Speaking of apps, we’d like to show you some behind-the-scenes works of our cardio boxing app.

With Moov, you don’t have to punch each other to get all the benefits of boxing - burn calories, reduce fat, gain lean muscle, and learn professional boxing choreography while having fun.

Our gamified cardio shadow boxing sessions will make you break a sweat while improving your boxing skills. With Moov and your mobile device, you can do these sessions anywhere. Strap on Moov, open the recommended cardio boxing sessions, and start following the program by throwing some punches.

Talk soon - we’ve got to get back to work, backers!