New Moov HR™ Workouts Available Today

Today, we are excited to announce three new Moov HR™ workouts to our current selection. 

We designed these with your feedback and suggestions in mind, to provide you the best workout experience with Moov™. From phone free workouts, custom heart rate zones on your favorite activity, to HIIT indoor cycling, we have you covered! 

These programs are available for iOS users and will be launched on Android very soon.


Open HR Training

With the Open HR Training program, you can track your heart rate during your favorite workout and get real-time audio heart rate updates. 

Or get total control of your workout, select a custom target heart rate zone, and Moov will push you to stay within that zone. 

Great for Elliptical, Indoor Rowing, Stair Climber, and Cycling.

This program is available with Moov HR Sweat™ and Moov HR Burn™.


HR Recording

Don’t want to carry your phone with you on your next workout? Using the new HR Recording program, the Moov HR Sweat™ sensor records up to 2 hours of heart rate data, so that you can go about your workout phone-free. 

Great for Hiking, Outdoor Running, Crossfit, Weight Training, and Group Classes. 

This program is available only with Moov HR Sweat™.


HIIT Indoor Cycling

Get out of your saddle and start hammering with our new High-Intensity Interval Training Indoor Cycling workout!

This low-impact, high-intensity workout, is designed for an indoor bike. Moov’s audio coaching will guide you to stay in the optimal HIIT training zones so that you can get your heart pumping and legs spinning. 


IMPORTANT - Firmware update

We are constantly working on improving your workout experience with Moov. This includes optimizing the Moov technology and heart rate tracking accuracy. In the coming days, you will need to update the firmware on your Moov HR Sweat™. Please follow the instructions in the app, and allow 15 minutes to complete the update.


Enjoy these new programs, and share your workout experiences with us by tagging us on social media using @getmoov, #getmoov, #moovhr.