Start Running with Moov Now™

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to step outdoors and breathe some fresh air into your fitness routine. Running and walking are great ways to get started, and also shed some pounds along the way. Not sure how to start? Leave that to Moov™! Just connect your Moov Now™, plug in your headphones, and let the Moov™ Run & Walk programs coach you. Because let’s face it, your friends can’t correct your form as you run, and your personal trainer doesn’t actually run with you.


Moov™ Run & Walk Program

Moov’s Run & Walk programs help guide you through a safe and efficient cardio workout. Moov Now’s advanced 3D motion sensor technology tracks your movement, while you run or walk. It gives you live feedback, based on your movement, to help improve your form, so you can catch injury causing habits early on and fix them. Moov Now™ can track when you’re hitting the ground too hard, and coach you to “Be lighter on your feet”. This can help prevent knee and ankle injuries as you adjust to your new routine. You’ll also hear feedback and coaching, such as “Shoulders back” or “Don’t clench your fists”, to ensure that you maintain a good posture. Making these small adjustments can help you run farther and easier over time.

In the words of a current Moov™ user: 

“The MOOV Now coach helped me to change how I run so it doesn't hurt as much and I can run further distances and for way more time than I have ever before in my life.”

Not quite ready to start running?

Moov™ Run & Walk has “Brisk Walking” workouts to get you moving in the right direction and building your plan. It breaks down your cardio workouts, so you can get started and gradually improve. Just strap your Moov Now™ to your ankle, log into the app, and get going. Start out slower to focus on form and kick things up to a longer workout when you’re ready. Moov™ also makes recommendations on training levels, based on your performance, to help you improve on your previous bests. With these easy to follow workouts, Moov™ takes away all the stress of planning, so that you can focus on you.


Moov Now™ is your personal coach and he’s on 24/7, 365. Up to six months without a charge or nap too! Moov™ provides you with all the tools to help you run properly and keeps you motivated and learning. Moov Now™ is truly an advanced device that evolves with you and challenges you to become a better version of yourself.