Pair Your Moov!

*The prices and special upgrades mentioned in this backer update are no longer available.Thanks to our awesome backers, the summer batch was sold out on March 14th, 2014.*

It’s been 11 days since we launched Moov on February 27. We have seen tremendous success thus far, and we thank you for all of your support! We have some updates this week that we’d like to share with you.

First batch of pre-orders is ending soon.

We have been receiving many requests from you, our loyal backers, to upgrade your pre-orders from a single Moov to a pair, so you can wear a pair to enjoy the extra features when you want to or give Moov to your family and friends to compete, compare and stay fit together. It’s now easier than ever to upgrade your pre-orders, with our newly built web portal. Simply add $40 to get your second Moov.

You ask, we listen. Check out our updated FAQ.
Answering your questions and concerns is very important to us, and we’re doing our best to individually answer everyone. In the meantime, we’ve updated our FAQ with the most commonly asked questions and answers. Please browse through it while we respond to your emails as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.

We are in for exciting times, Moovers. Thanks again for your remarkable support. We invite you to stay connected and get updates from Team Moov.


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