Cardio Boxing has come to Android!

Hello Moovers,

You’re invited you to apply to be one of the first to try Moov’s newest features! We’ve been working hard to bring you Leaderboard to compete with friends, and a new improved design to Daily Activity + Sleep Tracking. After dozens of iterations, lots of testing, and some heated competition here in the Moov office, we’re ready to hear what you think!

This time, we have some requirements for our beta testers:

  • iOS users only (don’t worry, Android will be released at the same time)
  • Testers must have 1 or more friends or family members to compete with on Leaderboard

If you fit these requirements, please apply to join our beta below. It will only take a moment!

This beta has ended, Thanks for all of your help! We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on.

After months of work, countless device combinations, and plenty of sweat (literally) we’re excited to announce that Cardio Boxing is finally here for Android. Your iPhone friends may have had it for a (long) while now, but we think this workout was worth the wait.

We listened to a LOT of feedback while working on the Android version of Cardio Boxing, and revisited many of the workout’s details to make sure we got it right. We’ve refined the look and feel of the interface to make elements bigger and easier to see while you’re throwing punches.

We’ve enabled more control over the workout. With the ability to start the next round immediately, you’ll be able to work out faster, find the round you want quicker, and sweat harder than ever.

We also spent time to make sure that the live workout looks great on a lot of devices. With so many screen sizes on Android, it was important to design something that looks great on them all. The result of that is a workout experience that goes from small to large with ease, keeping things easy to see at 4 inches and still fully immersive at 10 inches.

Whether you’re a living room warrior or a champion boxer, Moov Cardio Boxing was designed to challenge you physically and mentally, all while providing an addictively-fun workout.

Get the update, out now on Google Play.