Optimize the Moov Apps

7 Day Dashboard
The World Health Organization recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. With the 7 Day Dashboard you can see the time you’ve spent working out during week across all the Moov apps and see you how close you are to meeting that goal!

See Progress
Look at how much you’ve improved! The Run & Walk profile page is complete with progress graphs showing how your distance, pace and cadence has improved over time.

Reduced Coaching
Sometimes we just need some peace and quiet. That’s why we added a reduced coaching option! Letting you have runs and walks that keep you updated on whether you are reaching your goals, but gives you fewer updates and less form feedback.

Part of the beauty of Moov is the diversity of sports and activities it offers. Make sure you check out the Discover page which reminds you to bring variety to your workout and keeps you up to date with other Moov apps.