How Moov Now will Make You a Better Swimmer

Like the old saying goes, "They say you can go three days without water and still survive. Clearly, they’ve never met a swimmer." We here at Moov are no strangers to water. With two in-house Ironman triathletes and one Olympian swimmer, we’ve spent our share of time in the water. The early mornings, the cold water, we trust that through this practice comes progress. And while swimming has all the benefits of an aerobic workout with minimal impact on your joints, it’s hard to keep manual count of all that data to measure progress in the water. Until Moov Now.

Swimming Metrics that Matter

Using 3D motion sensor technology, Moov Now tracks your movement in the water and tracks laps, distance, time, speed, swimming style, stroke count, and much more. Dive deep into the performance of your swim with a breakdown of individual lengths, telling you how many strokes you pulled, how long it took, your turn times, any breaks or pauses you made, and what stroke you were swimming. It also analyzes your pace and efficiency plus your overall calories burned.

Motivation through Progress

With enough metrics to track your performance and see your progress, you’ll know where and how to improve and be challenged to beat your personal best each time. One such metric is continuous swim. A useful statistic for beginner swimmers and those training for open water races, this metric measures how far you swam without a break. Improving your continuous swim distance is a great test of endurance and an easy marker to determine your progress while training.

Coached by the Pros

Once you’ve downloaded your workout report, you’ll see several metrics for how to improve your form. For example: “Try not to splash as you begin your stroke. Enter with your fingers first to be more streamlined and efficient”. These small improvements, over time, will make you a better swimmer.

Whether you’re looking to improve your lap time, train for a triathlon, or just view swimming as a way of life, Moov Now’s complete swim tracking experience will help you become more efficient in the water.