17 Fitness devices tested, Moov experience wins the top spot.

 Wins the "Best for getting in shape"

"Highly accurate heart rate readings made affordable"

"... measure "EKG-accurate heart rate" with a headband"


"The Moov Now fitness tracker may not tell you the time or vibrate when you complete 10,000 steps, but its sensors can quite literally kick your butt."

"The Moov fitness tracker focuses on movements and provides personalized coaching to make workouts better and safer."

"The Moov Now is a little bit different, and I think that works in its advantage."

"Impossibly good value given the amount of data collected, the genuinely helpful feedback and its versatility across types of activity."


"I was extremely impressed with the Moov, when you consider the price, you get a superb digest of stats, normally reserved for much more expensive gear."


"Where Moov Now shines is in its ability to coach a non-athlete into shape, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort every week."

“Very few trackers take this much initiative in helping you exercise not just more often, but more intelligently.”

"Moov ... the pinnacle of this first wave of fitness trackers."


“Instead of serving as a stat collector, Moov acts like a digital trainer.”

"Moov Now is a much more focused fitness device than the most popular models out there."

“The data it provides at the end of each training session is on another level compared with standard fitness trackers.”

"A wearable ... that actually tells you how to do it better."


"Wearables so often don’t know what to do with the collected data. The Moov Now puts it to good use."

"It's in a league of its own and highly impressive."

"Not only does the Moov provide a fun way to work out, but it also educates you on the correct form."

"Moov Now is currently unrivalled. If you want to get into shape, investing in this activity tracker will be money well spent."


"A device that changed the way we’ve thought about wearables ever since."

"Moov Now er fantastisk og vi er vildt begejstrede for den"

"It doesn’t just track your workouts, it helps you do them more efficiently."

"More than any other startup I’ve written about – and that’s hundreds – Moov has changed my life."


"The smartest smart band in the world just got even smarter."

"... undeniably fun."

"The Moov Now has the potential to be borderline... disruptive."

"One of the finest examples of wearable tech helping achieve new goals."


"A champ at accurately measuring how you really move."

"Moov goes several steps beyond the norm among fitness devices."

"The only tracker that measures advanced swimming metrics"

"One of the most advanced wearables on the planet."


"The best, most affordable, and easiest-to-use fitness tracker for cyclists."

"The Moov actually made me want to go running"

"A former Apple engineer showed me the future of wearables."

"Made me wanna box again, and to keep exercising is just as important as getting better at it."


"A personal coach at a tracker price."

"Moov is een blik in de toekomst van sportwearables."

Moov is a look into the future of sportwearables.

"Il coach virtuale più figo dell’universo."

The coolest virtual coach in the universe.

"Das etwas andere Fitness-Wearable."


"Moov has been awarded a BGR Seal Of Approval."

"Moov wins ShinyShiny Wearable to Watch Award"

"The 3 Best Fitness Trackers You Can Buy As Of Today"

"Moov records activity and serves as a personal trainer."


"A smart coach
that challenges and improves your fitness."

"Who Needs Kickstarter? Exercise Sensor Moov Raises $1 Million In 15 Days."

"It compares your form in activities to that of an ideal model."

"What is unique vs other fitness trackers is the live, real-time coaching aspect."


"An outlier... differentiates itself in both hardware and software."

"Might be the most advanced fitness wearable yet."

"Step-counting fitness trackers are about to seem woefully underpowered."

"... like guitar hero or dance dance revolution without camera and console."


"Focus on the quality of your movement over the quantity."

"The next generation of wearable fitness tracking!"

"Monitor your workout in 3D and coach you in real time."

"Make workout better, safer and more efficient."


"Entirely focused on how you exercise. Not only encourage, but to teach."

"A replacement for a costly personal trainer."

"Moov brings personal training to the fitness tracker."



"Innovative approach to fitness"

"Tracking steps is no longer enough. Now it's all about measuring intensity and heart rate."