5 Reasons Why HIIT is Easy with Moov HR

As much as we here at Moov like to exercise, we don’t always have time for it. Carving out that hour and a half block before or after work, sometimes just isn’t doable. Thankfully, there’s a great way to burn fat, build muscle, and cut down on exercise time, while still reaping the same benefits of that hour long session. That’s where HIIT comes in.

What Exactly is HIIT Anyway?

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It’s a form of intense, cardiovascular exercise where you exert yourself as hard as you can until exhaustion kicks in. The goal is to jumpstart your metabolism to burn calories even after your workout is over.

Here is where working out with Moov will get you better results, faster:


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1) Our HIIT Workouts are 30 minutes or Less

Efficiency is the name of the game. You’ll get greater results in half the time of a low-intensity longer workout. And each of our pre-programmed workouts have been designed to get the most out of each session, every time.


2) No Equipment Needed

In addition to being time efficient, and full body focused, we’ve taken the need for expensive gym equipment off the table. With the ability to choose from several levels of difficulty, you can get straight to the right workout for you and get the best results. All you need is your own bodyweight as resistance.


3) Anytime, Anywhere

Our convenient app lets you take the gym with you. Start your workout on your time, during your lunch break, or while the kids are napping, without having to schedule a session with a trainer or travel across town for a group class at the gym.


4) Guidance, Coaching & Motivation



Our in-app AI coaching has a tough personality and will push you to the HIIT zone. Expect to hear live feedback during your workouts like, “Let’s crush this round” or “Time to push it,” to ensure you push to the right heart rate intensity zone at the right time. Having that extra push will help you take your workouts to the next level.


5) Train at the Right Intensity

Scientific-backed research has determined that certain “zones” are ideal for HIIT training. Moov HR quantifies intensity into 5 zones based on your max heart rate and how hard you are pushing. Maximum results are all about being in the right zone at the right time. Moov-HR’s heart rate tracking measures your intensity with unmatched accuracy, ensuring you push in and out of the HIIT zones to get the results you want.


Not sure where to start with HIIT? We’ve got you covered with Moov HR

Moov makes it easy to work out on your schedule. With each workout, you’ll be able to focus on results instead of the clock. Just open the app, sync your device, and get moving just in time for summer.