Moov Now™ Runs With You, When Your Friends Can’t

The most important thing when you start running is to find a safe routine that feels comfortable. Running is all about refining your technique so you can run easier and build confidence along the way. Whether you’re on a track, a treadmill, or out there on a trail, Moov Now™ teaches you how to run further and easier.

Run Technique Coaching

Proper running technique is actually a lot more complicated than it looks. Just ask your friend. No seriously, don’t do that. You have to factor in the total number of steps you take per minute (cadence), your posture, how your foot strikes the ground, and even how you swing your arms. Correct cadence helps you run efficiently. Maintaining a good posture while you run puts less strain on your back and softens the impact on your foot, reducing the likelihood of knee injury, shin splints or other leg related tendonitis. And arm swing helps you burn less energy and significantly reduces shoulder and pelvis rotation. Thankfully, Moov Now’s advanced sensor tracks your movement, while you run, and provides real-time feedback, so you can immediately make changes to help improve your technique. With targeted cues such as, “Your impact is too high, land softer” and “Swing your arms faster”, you can make the necessary form adjustments for an easier, pain free run. Measuring and improving these metrics, will help you maximize your performance and give you the edge when you decide to tackle that race.  

Run Faster For Longer

Moov Now’s running programs have names and descriptions that are easy to understand so you can quickly select the workout that fits your goals. For example our “Speed Endurance” program will teach you how to improve your pace and distance. Maintaining a steady pace helps utilize your energy efficiently. For longer distances, runners tend to stay at an aerobic pace so that their muscles continue to receive adequate oxygen throughout the workout. By strategically pacing your short intervals and incorporating timed recovery periods, Moov Now™ will help you to increase your stamina, build lean muscle, and set new personal records. Just strap your Moov Now™ to your ankle, log into the app, pick your focus, and get going.

With your new found confidence and Moov Coach, you’ll be able to take on that next run in no time. Be sure to tag us with #getmoov.