Moov’s Swim Metrics Will Help You Beat Your Personal Best

When the alarm goes off in the morning, we pull ourselves out of bed because we know our hard work now will pay off in the future. Our internal motivation drives us to wake up early and jump into a cold pool, trusting that through this pursuit of perfection comes progress. Just mind, body, and the pool. Discipline. Commitment. Grit. This is what it means to be a swimmer. But only through perfect practice can we truly progress. And with Moov Now’s advanced metrics, measuring your progress can mean all the difference.


Measuring Efficiency

Moov Now™ automatically tracks stroke rate and distance per stroke (DPS) to measure how efficient you are in the water. Both, Stroke Rate and DPS, are great metrics to track whether you are a sprint or endurance swimmer. Sprint swimmers tend to have a higher stroke rate, whereas endurance swimmers tend to have a higher distance per stroke. It is important to find a good balance between these two components, to help make you more efficient in the water. Most swimmers work on getting a good DPS and then optimize their stroke rate. After each workout, Moov Now™ will provide you with those metrics, so you can continue to push your specific training to the next level. 


Focus on your swim, not on your tracker

We, at Moov™, want to create the most accurate swimming experience. Moov Now™ will automatically detect all four types of swim strokes, laps, turns, and rest periods, so you can focus on your swim. The ability to dive into your data is gold. Having a full breakdown of your laps will not only help you understand how you performed, but also help you understand where you can improve.


Moov Now™ Swim tracker has been designed for swimmers, by swimmers. It is recommended by the best and gives you the tools to push yourselves to new limits. Depending on your personal goals, be they sprint swimming or endurance swimming, knowing these metrics allows you to train optimally and efficiently. Shed some light on your swim and beat your personal best with Moov Now™ Swim Tracker.