Swim is Back and Better Than Ever

For both Android and iOS Moov Swim is now complete with the features you requested most! Automatic Stroke Recognition, Interval Breakdown, and improved accuracy for the richest data you can get from a consumer swimming device.

Automatic Stroke Recognition
The beauty is in the details and the details are in the strokes. Moov artificial intelligence is now capable of recognizing the stroke you are swimming. In order to build an engine capable of identifying your exact movements, we collected and analyzed millions of data points. We gathered data from top tier athletes to capture their form and translate it into a powerful stroke recognition engine.

Interval Breakdown
By Moov's smart lap breakdown, you can see what you swam and compare to your workout plan. Moov Swim breaks down your laps into intervals based on stroke style, capturing the distance and time for each group. Understanding these laps and groupings will help you swim more effectively for each workout.