Become a Better Swimmer with Moov Now™
Award winning swim tracker 


Become a Better Swimmer with Moov Now™
Award winning swim tracker 


Swim Metrics that Matter

Moov Now recognizes your swimming style and automatically tracks your laps, time, distance, pace, and strokes.


Dive Deep into Your Data

Get the most out of your workout with a full breakdown of your laps and advanced metrics like Distance Per Stroke and stroke rate.


Swim Tracker + Heart Rate Monitor

Swim with Moov Now + Moov HR Sweat for lap and heart rate analysis.



Coaching Philosophy

Whether you’re looking to improve your lap time, train for a triathlon, or just view swimming as a way of life, Moov Now’s complete swim experience will help you become more efficient in the water.


Lap Insights

Lap by lap details on your turns, strokes, and lap time.


Build Endurance

Know your longest continuous swim and beat it each time.

Swimming Tips

Receive pro feedback after every workout to help you improve faster.


Analyze Your Best

See when you swam your fastest 100 and how long it took.

Monitor Progress

See how your performance improves with each swim.

Optimize Breaks

Review your rests and when they help or hurt your endurance.



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