Heart rate analysis for swimming

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Swim enthusiasts! The wait is FINALLY over. Heart Rate Analysis for swimming is here! Woot woot! That's right. You can now use Moov HR Sweat to monitor your heart rate under water.

Want a sneak peak?

In fact, we think you will like our underwater heart rate feature so much here’s another peek!

Why is heart rate reading important?

Effort is the key. The more effort you put in, the more effective your workout. Most heart rate monitors don't work underwater. Without heart rate monitors, someone's perceived effort is the only measure of how hard they are working.

Moov HR Sweat can accurately track how hard you’re working and how much spare energy you've got left in your tank. The result? You push harder and progress further.  

In this example, because of the heart rate analysis feature, this swimmer can see that she was swimming at half her maximum effort (in her case, in Zone 3 for 22 minutes - see green bar). As a result, next time she can go harder and longer, improving her swim.

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Work out smarter and perform better with heart rate analysis

A week later, because of what she learned through the Heart Rate Analysis, this same swimmer swam a similar duration but kicked the intensity up a notch, significantly improving her performance.

She swam in Zone 3 for 31 minutes (see green bar), significantly longer than her previous swim session.  

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Moov HR Sweat Heart Rate Analysis enables you to reach your goals smarter and faster.

How do I get Heart Rate Analysis on my device?  

To use this new underwater Heart Rate Analysis feature, pair your Moov Now with a Moov HR Sweat. Learn more about how to use and connect Moov HR Sweat for swimming here.

For a limited time from now until Thanksgiving, save 20% on any Moov HR Sweat. Apply code SweatNSwim at checkout.

Learn more about how to use and connect Moov HR Sweat for swimming here.