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Moov Now - Running 04.jpg

Moov Run & Walk

Get move-by-move voice coaching while you run to get fit, fast and strong.


Moov Run & Walk

Get move-by-move voice coaching while you run to get fit, fast and strong.


Accountability To Improve

Moov analyses your every movement and heart beat in real time to push you to improve your performance.


Audio Coaching

No need to look at your phone. Moov coaches you during your run based on each step and heart beat.


Injury Prevention

Moov corrects your form - not just to improve your running distance and stamina, but to prevent injuries while adjusting the workout to always give you the right intensity.



Coaching Philosophy

It’s not that you run, it’s how you run. Moov coaching makes every workout more fun, effective, and efficient.


See Improvement

Moov offers levels that gradually increase in intensity. You may barely notice a difference at first, but over time you will see significant improvement.

Fastest Results

High Intensity Interval training allows you to push yourself hard and then recover with rests, leading to the fastest results with the benefit of Afterburn.

Form Matters

Moov monitors your heart rate, landing impact, stride, and range of motion, watching out for you to prevent injury and push your limits. Strong form lets you run farther with less energy.

Mix It Up

As your body gets used to consistent workouts, it burns fewer calories. Moov’s 5 programs let you work on your form, speed, and endurance without getting bored.


What's Your Goal?


We created four programs based on the research and practice to help you achieve your goal, whether it is losing a few extra pounds or running the New York Marathon.


Walk To Sweat


Brisk Walking

This sweat inducing workout is designed to improve flexibility, tone your glutes and strengthen your calves with each step, without putting your joints through high impact.

Run Farther And Easier

Running Efficiency

Transform the way you run with Moov’s low-impact, energy-saving technique training. Eliminate injury causing habits as you reach set cadence goals and an ideal range of motion.

Improve Pace And Distance

Speed Endurance

Run faster for longer by alternating strategic pace intervals with rests for recovery. See results in increased stamina, lean muscle development and new personal records.

Push To The Limit


Sprint Intervals

Quick explosions of speed to achieve high cadence goals that will push your legs to the limit, activating your core and scorching fat.