"Great Tech and Value

I was looking for wearable tech to help me with my running form. I chose the MOOV NOW based on reviews and I felt the price was reasonable. After using it for awhile, I think it is a great piece of tech and a solid value.

I was skeptical about what this button-less gizmo on my ankle could detect but once I used it, I was pretty much amazed. It can tell when your shoulders are slouching, when your head isn't upright, and even if you're holding you hands improperly.

I have found the coaching the app provides is useful and actionable. I am primarily focused on the running efficiency program and have "leveled up" over the month. As a result, my "baseline" pace has improved. Once the weather warms up, I will be using the MOOV NOW while biking with the hopes of improving that form as well.

While the "coach" helpful and pleasant, "she" can be a chatty. There is a switch to reduce the amount coaching but I wish I could shorten it even more. Instead of "Your pace is 161 steps per minute. For this interval it should be 166 steps per minute" I could work with "pick up the pace".

I am very impressed with this device and if I were a more serious athlete, I would buy the MOOV HR."