This thing is freaky good! My favorite aspect of this is definitely the rep counter; I tried it out the first night I got it and both my husband and I couldn’t believe how accurate it is! The design is just great. It looks fashionable worn on both the wrist and the ankle and it is easy to get on/off, but secure enough that it won’t just fall off. I’ve seen some other reviews about losing the sensor but from my experience, I really have no idea how that would happen. It’s in there very securely! The device is light-weight and comfortable as well. The personal coach aspect of the app is SO helpful. I use this most for running. I am not a trained runner, so having those personalized tips on how to improve my running is really helpful. It definitely helps keep me on track! Some fitness apps can be confusing but the MOOV app is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. I really like the sleep data it provides. It shows sleep time as well as restorative vs light sleep. I sometimes struggle to get a good night’s sleep so having something that will show me how my sleep changes with different variables is very helpful to me. I’ve only had this for just over a week, but it has already helped me lose a little weight as well as deepen my sleep. I’m definitely a fan of MOOV NOW!