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Moov Cycling

Audio coaching that helps you improve with every mile.


Moov Cycling

Audio coaching that helps you improve with every mile.


Data With Meaning

Moov turns motion into powerful information, showing where you did your best and how you can be a better, more efficient cyclist.


Beyond The Bike Computer

See your speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, power, and more as you ride. Listen to updates every mile so you don’t have to look down.


It's About You, Not Your Bike

Gear coaching focuses on the way you ride and instructs you on when to shift gears to save energy.



Why Moov Cycling?

Moov is the next step in cycling technology. Our combination of hardware and software makes professional metrics accessible and easy to understand. Moov is able to get highly accurate data from your ride and turn your movements into tools for improvement.



Track your route and see where you rode your fastest and where you slowed down.

Tallest Climb

See the elevation grade, distance, and duration of your tallest climb.


Know how fast you’re pedaling and how it relates to your gearing and efficiency.

Fastest Sprint

Pedal your heart out for some great cardio and see your fastest sprint from your ride.


Heart Rate

Ride at the right intensity as the workout adjusts in real time based on your heart rate for efficiency.


Moov Power

Monitor your effort based on speed, elevation, cadence, and Moov’s  technology.


Live Audio

Get audio coaching and updates on your speed, distance, cadence, and more.


Route Difficulty

Compare routes and monitor your progress based on your Route Difficulty score.