How Moov Got Started


Moov was founded by a gaming industry veteran (Nikola), a designtrepreneur (Meng), and an emerging technology guru (Tony) who shared the same goal at that time: to get back in shape and feel great. The biggest problem they encountered was most existing fitness routines were not something they wanted to do, let along sticking to for long lasting results. 

Passionate about solving their own problems, as well as making scalable positive impacts in more people's lives, they set their goals to deliver the fitness people actually would fall in love with, and make this kind of fitness everywhere.  

In Feb 2014, the first product "Moov a.i. coach in your ear" was announced with extremely positive reactions from people all over the world. Within 2 weeks, fans pledged $1'000'000 to see this become a reality.  As mentioned by CNET, Moov entered the fitness tech arena as "an outlier”, leveraging both mobile apps and wearable technology.

Since 2014, Moov has released several award-winning products: MOOV™ ios and android apps, powered by MOOV NOW™ motion trackers and MOOV HR™ heart rate monitors. Team Moov has been constantly inspired by Moovers all over the world, who have not only achieved their fitness and health goals but lived fuller and happier lives. 

As Team Moov keeps pushing the boundaries to deliver the world's most motivating and engaging fitness, the world will become a healthier and happier place.